OpenGLContext Notes

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When you go to compile OpenGLContext you'll probably get the following error.

# truncated for brevity

creating build\temp.win32-2.4\Release\vrml\accellerate
L:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\bin\cl.exe /c /nologo /Ox
/MD /W3 /GX /DNDEBUG -IL:\Python24\include -IL:\Python24\PC /Tc.\vrml\accellerate\fieldaccel.c /Fobuild\temp.win32-2.4\Release\.\vrml\accellerate\fieldaccel.obj
L:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\bin\link.exe /DLL /nologo
initfieldaccel build\temp.win32-2.4\Release\.\vrml\accellerate\fieldaccel.obj /O
UT:build\lib.win32-2.4\vrml\fieldaccel.pyd /IMPLIB:build\temp.win32-2.4\Release\
Creating library build\temp.win32-2.4\Release\.\vrml\accellerate\fieldaccel.l
ib and object build\temp.win32-2.4\Release\.\vrml\accellerate\fieldaccel.exp
building 'vrml.tmatrixaccel' extension
L:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\bin\cl.exe /c /nologo /Ox
/MD /W3 /GX /DNDEBUG -IL:\Python24\include -IL:\Python24\PC /Tc.\vrml\accellerate\tmatrixaccel.c/Fobuild\temp.win32-2.4\Release\.\vrml\accellerate\tmatrixaccel.objtmatrixaccel.c
vrml\accellerate\tmatrixaccel.c(2) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file
: 'Numeric/arrayobject.h': No such file or directory
error: command '"L:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\bin\cl.exe"' failed with exit status 2


Instructions to fix the error above

1. You will need to download and install numpy (AKA Numerical Python). You can find it at the following two links:

2. After installation, go to your Python installation and navigate to the following:


3. Copy the files that are in there and go to:


4. Create a directory here called "numeric" and paste those files into the newly created directory.

5. Now try to compile the extension again. This worked for me!